Media Release: Holistic Insurance expands its service offering and footprint with a new partnership

Melbourne, VIC: Holistic Insurance today announced their new partnership with Actevate. This Sydney based business is a leading authority and specialist provider of workplace injury prevention and management services to businesses across Australia. The newly formed partnership brings two risk management industry specialists together to complement their current services offerings.

Scott Wilford, CEO of Holistic Insurance and Risk Solutions, says the appointment as Actevate’s partner brings greater opportunities to work with a local risk expert. “The services complement and enhance Holistic’s existing portfolio of services and brings to life my vision of creating a holistic approach to insurance,” Mr Wilford explained.

“The collaboration between both businesses will also increase the footprint of Holistic Insurance into different states. In particular, I am delighted to have Robert Migliore as our partner as he brings significant experience in risk people risk to Holistic Insurance and its clients.”

Robert Migliore, the Managing Director & Founder of Actevate, says the appointment of Holistic Insurance and Risk Solutions and the establishment of the new Melbourne office will bring greater support to current clients and support the growth in demand for Actevate’s services.

Both businesses have experienced massive growth this year in demand for services including Mental Health Training, Pre-Employment Risk Screening, Employee Assistance Programs and Home Ergonomic services due to the current climate.

About Holistic Insurance and Risk Solutions:

Holistic Insurance & Risk Solutions is a customer-driven insurance advisory service. Focused on providing protection to the community through risk management solutions and fit for purpose insurance programs which are tailored to the individual needs of each customer. Rather than just another insurance business, Holistic Insurance believes in working as an organic extension of our client’s business, ensuring we move away from the traditionally transactional interactions that are currently accepted as the industry standard.

Scott Wilford – CEO & MD of Holistic Insurance & Risk Solutions

Scott is a leading Insurance Executive with over 25 years of experience, holding senior roles within large multi-national organisations throughout his career. With a strong passion for innovation & technology, Scott is passionate about changing the way insurance is transacted within the customer landscape. Having a wealth of experience running insurance businesses across insurance and people risk operations allows Scott to have a holistic approach to customer’s needs. He is a huge advocate for culture management, mental health, people risk and wellbeing programs that foster proactive support service to employers and their employees.

About Actevate:

Founded in 2006, Actevate people are passionate about shifting perspectives on health, wellbeing and recovery in workplaces. From its initial focus on Return to Work services in NSW, Actevate has grown to provide a range of services and online tools to assist employers in providing safe working conditions and reducing the risks associated with the workplace. Actevate’s team of consultants are qualified and highly trained in psychology and/or rehabilitation counselling and have an extensive background in dealing with workers compensation, work-related disturbances, mental health and personal issues impacting on work productivity.

Robert Migliore – Actevate’s Founder and Managing Director

Robert is passionate about shifting perspectives of mental health, wellbeing and recovery in workplaces. Beginning his career as a Health and Rehabilitation advisor for a major insurer, Robert is now a lecturer and researcher with expertise in; complex claims profiling; risk and root cause analysis. Robert is the founder of Actevate, an accredited occupational return to work and medical screening provider based in Sydney’s CBD and serves as an advisor to the NSW Government on health, wellbeing, bullying, harassment and workplace mental health. Robert’s interest in resolving complex workplace health issues developed over 25 years working within the Workers Compensation and Occupational Health arenas. Robert is involved in all of Actevate’s day to day operations and, as well as delivering EAP counselling as Actevate’s Principal Consultant, supports all of Actevate’s psychologists through classroom and advice.